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DEKRA iST joined Taiwan Space Plan ARRC officially

Time:2021-03-23 Source:DEKRA iST News Center

As the leading brand of verification in Taiwan, DEKRA iST officially joined Taiwan space plan of Advanced Rocket Research Center, ARRC, started to work on rocket related experiments. Through extreme environmental tests and failure analysis, we could not only enhance the success probability but also cost down funds. 

Discussed with ARRC program leader, Dr. Wu, DEKRA iST became ARRC’s external 3rd party laboratory for extreme environmental tests. ARRC team took some of the components of rocket to DEKRA iST lab for vibration tests.

DEKRA iST engineers provided professional consultation of operation and failure analysis, and had a full discussion of each detail with ARRC team. 

To simulate the mechanical stress during launching and make sure the stability of each component, one fourth of the rocket was under high frequency vibration test in each axial direction.

PTS TV program “青春・咱的夢” came to DEKRA iST lab to shoot the experiment and interview the president of DEKRA iST, Aaron Lee. Aaron mentioned, “We give full support to ARRC space program. Through simulating the launch environment and analyzing failure, we are able to enhance the success probability and cost down funds. We’re really proud to be part of Taiwan space plan!” 

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