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LED Verification for U.S. Energy Star®

In 2011, the ENERGY STAR rating of the US EPA, integrated two specifications on residential light fixtures (RLF) and solidstate lighting (SSL) into the ENERGY STAR® Luminaries (Light Fixtures) – Version 1.1 and it will take e_ect on April 1, 2012. This speci_cation clearly speci_es the requirements to which the lighting _xtures have to conform. Therefore, the major international  LED manufacturers are also pursuing the ENERGY STAR® certi_cation. This certi_cation not only represents compliance with the requirements of the North American lighting market, it also represents that the performance of LED lighting has achieved an international standard, which in turn, can substantially upgrade the product's value for purchasing.

 ENERGY STAR® Luminaires Program Requirement

 Photometric Performance Requirements

 Electrical Performance Requirements

 Thermal Performance Requirements 

 Safety Requirements  

 Product Labeling & Packaging Requirements

 Lighting Toxics Reduction Requirements

 Warranty Requirements

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