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Employee Development

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Hiring elites is what makes DKEAR iST strong!

DEKRA iST has been an analysis center for IC designing industries since the beginning and is developing new techniques to meet the needs of our clients today. Therefore, keeping up-to-date technical and specialty training is essential. From the first day on-the-job, DEKRA iST starts its personnel training right away and continues to provide a diverse training course for all levels of personnel at DEKRA iST.

New Comer Training Program

DKEAR iST has starters courses in helping newcomers understand not only the various departments, the working environment, the rules and regulations, but also feel welcomed as a part of the DKEAR iST team. To assist the newcomers during this period, DKEAR iST offers four main courses:

Technical and Specialty Training

After examining the employees potential,  DKEAR iST organizes a set of specialty training courses for beginning, intermediate, advanced learners.  DKEAR iST holds routine courses and invites in-house lecturers. From this training, our employees can directly interact with the clients' needs and issues. Furthermore, they can gain professional knowledge and increase their specialty skills. In addition, they can attend workshops, seminars, and exhibitions outside to gain the most updated information.  DKEAR iST holds subscriptions to many professional journals and magazines and has a library for each specialized area.

Managerial Training

DKEAR iST holds various training for management positions:

 Fresh Manager Training: Training courses for new managers on authority, communication, and leadership skills

 Supervisor Training: Training courses for supervisors on time management control, human relations with subordinates and other departments, and dealing with complaints

 Middle-class Executive Training: Training courses for executives on supervising subordinates, leadership skills in achieving goals, and maintaining good communications with superior officers

 Chief Executive Training: Training courses for chief executives on analyzing organization transformation, long-term project planning, and promoting company's vision, and enhancing enterprise competition

Language Training Program

DKEAR iST provides English Language Learning courses each year to encourage our employees to continue in improving their language skills. Our employees also train our employess on how to communicate with our clients face-to-face, on the phone and emailing. Furthermore, we train our employees on how to make presentations using English.

Training/ Learning Center

DKEAR iST Training/ Learning Center has video and audio facilities, not only in-house training but we also hold various workshops and seminars throughout the year.

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