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Product Details

Scanning electron microscope&Energy dispersive spectrometer(SEM&EDS) has the characteristics of large depth of field and continuously variable magnification. The morphology and surface structure of various samples are observed. And EDS can do qualitative and semi-quantitative element analysis quickly and effectively. 

Magnify and Observe the sample surface and section structure, especially microscopic analysis of failed samples. And analyze the element  in  the sample surface and section. 

Major applications

Observation of various material surface micro structures.

The tin whisker measurement in solder surface of component before and after assembles.

The plating thickness measurement。

The observation of component and solder section structure. For examples, wire bonding, voids, micro crack and IMC ect.

Material element analysis.

EDS line scan analysis: shows the element distribution on every layer surface

EDS Point analysis: shows the element in foreign material


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