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Cross-section Inspection

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Sample cross-sectioning is a destructive experiment. By way of sandpaper (or diamond dust sand paper) milling and continuous polishing, a clear cross-section of the sample can be seen. It is a very quick way for preparing a sample. Combined with equipment like (Optical Microscope or SEM), we can observe structural cross-sections of samples. Besides to observing structure of ICs, observation of other samples such as PCB, PCBA or LED can also be made possible by cross-sectioning.

Basic process flow of sample cross-sectioning:

  Cutting: Cut sample into proper sizes using a cutter

  Cold fill: Fill filler mixture into gaps of sample to enhance structural strength of the sample, so that the sample is not damaged by the milling stress

  Milling: mill the sample with different sand paper (or diamond dust sandpaper)

  Polish: Polish with a turntable added with proper polishing liquid to eliminate fine scratches resulting from milling.


  IC products, such as Flip Chip, Al/Cu process structure, C-MOS Image Sensor

  PCB/PCBA product

  LED product

Machine specification / limits:Cross-section machine: SBT-900

  A:Capacitor Cross-Section              B:BGA

  A:Die Cross -section         B:Bump Cross-section
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