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Reliability Test

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DEKRA iST Reliability Department was spin off from iST Group, and integrated System Reliability,  PCB (Print circuit board) and LED (light-emitting diode) to offer verification services. Based on our professional knowledge and experiences over 20 years, DEKRA iST not only has offered completely reliability tests and verification services from LED component, PCB, PCBA to Module and System Level, but also most comprehensively professional laboratory in Asia Pacific.

Failure accompanied with poor quality of product after Reliability test or other validation, and Failure Analytic Technology implementation can find out the design weakness and improve the reliability. Therefore, DEKRA iST is not only the Reliability service platform but also offers, DOE Design for process improvement, Failure Analysis and reliability validation in electrical component, module and system products.

DEKRA iST has established volume verification facilities in order to provide customers the fastest and best quality services, meanwhile DEKRA iST was accredited laboratory by ISO / IEC17025, TAF17025, CNAS17025, A2LA 17025, US EPA LM-80, and authorized third-party Laboratory of international branding companies, such as Lenovo, DELPHI, DELL, Cisco, hp and etc.

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