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Flammability Test

Product Details

A homogenous material or composite materials used in automotive interior parts, such as seat, seat backrest, seat cover, seat belt, handrail, armrest, movable folding roof, all decorative liner (including  inner panel, side panel, rear panel, lining of plat-fond), dashboard, glove box, panel of storage rack or panel of rear shelf, curtain, cover of floor, sunshade board, cover of wheel, cover of engine hood and other organic materials, including filler used to absorb collision energy when crashed. These materials may cause conflagration due to the bad fire-resistant property in the situation of an open fire, heated and lighted.


Service Scope 

Flammability resistance tester can evaluate the fire-resistant property by horizontal burning test and/or vertical burning test according to standards.


Service Item

Provides testing services that meet the standards with 

horizontal burning test: GB 8410、DIN 75 200、FMVSS 571.302、VCS 5031,19

horizontal/ vertical burning test: UL 94、GB 2408、IEC 60695-11-10

The Superiority of Us 

We are the only laboratory in this field can provide the one-stop solution from automotive modules, parts to IC supplier chain in product reliability analysis and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification.

Received recognition by the ISO/IEC 17025 lab accreditation systems such as CNAS, and IECQ.

Mastering requirements such as GM 3172, GMW3191, MGR ES 62.21.001, GS95003, and VW80001 by integrated automotive factories (OEMs).

Established project team for automotive electronics by senior engineers.

Integrating physical and chemical inspection techniques and equipment; strengthening techniques for preparation, inspection and analysis of sample materials.

Established professional FA project team, providing customers with the performance evaluation and analysis after aging test.

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