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Xenon Light Test

Product Details

As the requirements for automotive electronics quality become increasingly strict, the Xenon light test is becoming an important test that can help the clients evaluate the light resistance of their products. 

The physical properties of non-metallic materials such as plastics, coating, rubber, and textiles will degrade or even fail when affected by light, water, and temperature in practical use. Such issues include surface discoloration, loss of gloss, cracking, becoming brittle, hardening, and chalking, which severely degrade product quality and even affect the functions. 

Xenon Light Test provides the main factors that cause material aging: natural sunlight and humidity. In other words, the test simulates the aging effects caused by sunlight, rain, and dew on materials.


Service Scope

By utilizing the Atlas Ci4000 and cool condensation, We can simulate the effects of sun exposure, rain, and dew respectively on the xenon arc lamp. The materials are tested at a fixed temperature by exposing to the cycle of alternating light and humidity controlled by a loop program. Within several days or weeks, the damage equivalent to several months or even up to several years outdoors can be simulated. The acquired data from this artificially accelerated aging test can be used in selecting new materials, improving existing materials, and evaluating how the light resistance of products is affected by environmental changes.



Provides testing services that meet the standards with ASTM G154, ASTM   D4329, ASTMD499, ASTM D5208, ASTM D4587, ASTM G53, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE   J2020, GB/T 16422.3, GB/T 14522, and JIS D0205.

Provides testing services that meet the needs by automotive OEMs and   Tier 1 companies.


The Superiority of Us

We are the only laboratory in this field can provide the one-stop   solution from automotive modules, parts to IC supplier chain in product   reliability analysis and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification.

Received certifications issued by major clients such as Continental   Automotive and DELPHI.

Received recognition by the ISO/IEC 17025 lab accreditation systems   such as CNAS, and IECQ.

Mastering requirements such as GM 3172, GMW3191, MGR ES 62.21.001,   GS95003, and VW80001 by integrated automotive factories (OEMs).

Established project team for automotive electronics by senior   engineers.

Integrating physical and chemical inspection techniques and equipment;   strengthening techniques for preparation, inspection and analysis of sample   materials.

Established professional FA project team, providing customers with the   performance evaluation and analysis after aging test.


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