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Tumble Test

Product Details

Handheld / wearable devices falling situation to the ground from the user much more than other types of products, and this situation of falling may be rolled,it's different from the normal drop test.

IEC 60068-2-31 procedure 2 has developed a "Free Fall Repeated Test" that simulates a hand-held / wearable product that is dropped onto the ground by the user and through such hard tests it is possible to detect the strength of the solder joint of the product and the mechanical structure, etc

Reference of standard:IEC 60068-2-31, EN 50075, IEC 61558-1 etc.

The thickness of equipment:1.5 mm 

The height of the fall :50 cm 、100 cm

Impact surface material:3mm Steel backed by hardwood of 18 mm

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