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Vibration Test

Product Details

Vibration Tests simulate the products experiencing vibrations during transportation, installation, and usage environments, for assessing vibration resistance of products under various vibration environments. This test is a major means of finding vibration resisting capabilities of automotive electronics.

Vibration modes

  Sine wave vibration is normally used for simulating marine environments, mainly for finding

resonance and resonance amplification in mechanical structures, and for identifying resonance dwelling ni the development stage.

  Random vibration is mainly used for assessing structural strength of the entire product against vibrations, and transportation environments under packaged conditions. Sine wave / random vibration tests are also used in vehicle-borne electronics and military products.

For the application of test standards, USA customers mostly employ ASTM, ISTA or MIL STD as validation standards while Japanese and European customers prefer using EN, IEC, ETSI or JIS. For IC components that are small and light-weighted, MIL STD is mainly used. 

For automotive electronics, requirements against vibration resistance is much stricter than consumer

electronics. Auto manufacturers have in-house validation standards besides specifications and

validation methods suggested by common standards such as SAE, JASO, IEC and ISO. Most active

components use on automobiles are validated based on AEC standards.

We have comprehensive reliability testing capabilities from IC components as well as large-scale products up to 500kg for complying with all specifications and standards.

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