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Bump Test

Product Details

The purpose of this test is to verify the product's ability to withstand repeated force stress during transportation. This is usually conducted either with packaged or unpackaged. The test simulates the repeated tossing  dramatic shifting and bumping.It depends on distance, road status, type of transportation vehicle, tow truck, and so on. These factors are combined into different cycles which can be complex and random.

Bump test procedure: The test axes and orientation should be as close to the real environment as possible; IEC recommends to perform in vertical direction as preference and should be conducted on three axes (six faces). The number of bumps on each face should be based on standards; IEC recommends 1~3 bumps per second.

Automotive electronics testing is based on its installation in the automobile. Many brand companies require 50,000 bumps or 100,000 bumps. Figure 2 is the spec of shock and bump tests for automotive electronics  in ISO-16750 standard.

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